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The Placebo Enhancer is the formula Jim Walters administered to himself to relieve his pain. For the past several years, individuals with pain from all walks of life allegedly claimed the Placebo Enhancer also benefitted them in releasing their own pain — Chronic, Acute, Sharp, Dull, Throbbing, Tender, Sore, All Types of Pain. Some people claimed immediate and profound relief. Many people required a longer-term 'fair-trial' of Placebo Enhancer in order to allow their pain to dissolve. A few people reported no benefits, which is to be expected with any form of product, treatment, remedy, or placebo… Yet the victories Jim began seeing time-and-time again, where individuals in a cycle-of-pain were set free, caused him to take serious notice that his formula may be worth sharing on a larger-scale.

Even for his own pain, Jim required application on his knees (which he had abused for many years as a general-contractor and marathon runner) for 4 months before he completely healed them. It is advisable that a person continue using Placebo Enhancer for at least a couple months to give the product a fair evaluation.

The good news is…placebobigbottle

1 regular-sized bottle of Placebo Enhancer usually lasts a couple months, or more!  Jim completely restored his knees in 4 months – 100%!

With enormous claims and promises in the marketplace, Jim Walters has insisted on taking the opposite stance: "if you get results from Placebo Enhancer, it is likely that you in fact did the healing and experienced your own Placebo!


Partnering with the CEO of RnADrops.com to distribute Placebo Enhancer World-Wide, the marketing strategy they chose allows anyone interested in sampling Placebo Enhancer a very inexpensive potential solution to pain. At the same token, the super-affordable regular-sized bottle of Placebo Enhancer is usually a two-month, or more, supply of Placebo Enhancer to stick with the application process for stubborn pain, or severely damaged areas requiring more frequent and consistent applications.

Since many fortunate people who reported success to Jim experienced a noticeable change in their level of pain within seconds to a few days, on this site you are invited as a first-time customer (only!) to TRY PLACEBO ENHANCER RISK-FREE FOR 3 – 5 DAYS. Shipping/Handling Pricing is below for the Limited-Edition PLACEBO ENHANCER Mini-Bottle. You have nothing to lose, except the pain… so take the plunge now and order your trial-size bottle!